6Q series support colorful background function 15 *Mystic Light Sync comptible gaming gear requires a MSI Mystic Light sync supported motherboard with JRGB, JRainbow or Jcorsair headers Today we got some new Asian horse RGB fans to look at, these are the FS8001 you can get them on amazon 67234 Asiahorse Wireless Rgb Led Case Fan Quiet Edition. Hello people!! So short story: I've a case NOX INFINITY SIGMA that comes with an incluided fan controler that has conectors of 3 and 6 pins. I've a Cooler Master FAN MF120R A-RGB with a 3 (sized 4pin) connector (for RGB) and 2 Raijintek CPU fans with a normal 4 pin RGB connector. Apparently the connector needed for the Cooler Master FAN is called jRainbow and. My board is A Dual-head ARGB Motherboard Adapter Cable is included in this package, which is compatible to connect "CF 120 PLUS ARGB" to some models of Gigabyte RGB Fusion Addressable RGB (V,D,G) capable motherboard with 3-position-3-pin ARGB Header and other Addressable RGB capable motherboard with 4-position-3-pin ARGB Header LIQMAX III ARGB.

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